My name is Knut Olav Rygnestad, and I am a musician, arranger and composer specializing in popular music genres and choral arrangements of current songs. In addition to my work as an arranger, I do session work as well as give live performances as a pianist and singer. Since graduating with First Class Honours from London Centre of Contemporary Music in 2014, I have built up a solid portfolio and a reputation within my field – have a look around the website to find out more about me and my work!

My musical training began at the age of nine in my native country, Norway, when I started taking piano lessons which later inspired me to develop my singing through vocal tuition. While initially being introduced to music through classical genres, I wanted a broader competence within my field, which is why I ended up studying for a BMus in popular music performance and production at university following my move to London. I am now versatile both as a composer, arranger and performer and feel equally at home writing an eight part a cappella arrangement of a pop song as I do composing an original tone poem. In 2014 I even won the Nicholas Thorpe Composition Award for my choral work “Tales of the North, South and Beyond”, which you can listen to on the Audio page.

I do regular arrangement work for London’s leading non-traditional choir London Contemporary Voices, for which I also sing as a tenor. My work for LCV has included writing customized arrangements for a myriad of high-profile artists and bands, including Aquilo, Alex Vargas, Amber Run and Gwilym Gold. I have also arranged music for filmed sessions on channels including Capital FM, Focusrite, TEAfilms and Naked Noise. My arrangements for LCV are frequently used in concerts and on established music festivals including Secret Garden Party, Bestival and Wilderness

As a pianist, I play primarily jazz and contemporary styles, and I've played for Ian Bufton Big Band, National Youth Jazz Orchestra Academy and Becky CJ. However I also perform classical music and have recently begun to move more in the direction of Musical Direction and conducting. With LCV I run rehearsals and conduct when needed. Alongside my contemporary singing, I also continue to train my voice classically with my current vocal coach, baritone John Rawnsley.

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